M-Tac Tactical Breathable Polo Shirt (Black)


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This will be for our first-year students. Our 2nd year will still use their current uniforms, and the following year, both first and second will have the same black polo and green pants.


The M-Tac summer tactical polo is a versatile fusion of form and function that’s designed with a professional and active lifestyle in mind. Offering a perfect blend of performance and style, this quick dry polo shirt is as comfortable as it is durable, making it the ideal choice for uniform wear, outdoor work, or simply everyday use.

Constructed from a superior blend of 50% Coolmax and 50% polyester, this police polo shirt harnesses the high-performance moisture management of Coolmax fabric. Rather than absorbing moisture, the fabric allows it to pass through, achieving an essential cooling effect and keeping your skin dry and warm. The fabric also dries faster than conventional materials like cotton, wool, nylon, or acrylic.

About this item

  • Moisture-Wicking Coolmax Technology – Made from 50% Coolmax and 50% polyester, this M-Tac tactical polo shirt boasts high-performance moisture management. It doesn’t absorb moisture but passes it through, ensuring you stay dry, warm, and comfortable in any condition. This superior fabric even dries faster than cotton, wool, nylon, or acrylic.
  • Built-in Antistatic Thread – The antistatic thread covering the entire military polo t shirt ensures an even distribution and flow of static charge from the fabric surface. It offers hypoallergenic, air-permeable, and hygroscopic properties, providing optimal comfort and safety, especially for active lifestyles.
  • Practical and Considerate Design – This short sleeve polo shirt is meticulously crafted with a collar that securely fastens with a three-button bar, a stitched loop for tokens, and loop sections on the chest for name and ID tags. Each detail enhances usability and convenience while fostering a polished, professional appearance. It is also suited for police and other law enforcement personnel who value utility and comfort in their uniforms.
  • Versatile Sleeve Features – Not only do the short, elastic-edged sleeves have loop platforms for additional attachments, but the army polo also includes a smartphone pocket and organizer pockets for carrying small equipment like pens, flashlights, or knives. The shirt even has slits in the shoulder seams for microphone attachments – truly a garment designed with tactical needs in mind, making it perfect for those in law enforcement.
  • Durability and Longevity – This M-Tac breathable polo shirt promises a long service life without compromising its characteristics or appearance. Crafted with high-quality tailoring, it is ideal for uniform wear, outdoor work, or anyone leading an active lifestyle. Whether for the police force or civilian use, it is lightweight and breathable, making it your go-to choice for hot weather.

M-Tac Size Chart


Brand SizeUS SizeNeck (in)Chest (in)
SS15.9 – 16.537 – 39.9
MM16.5 – 16.939.9 – 42.9
LL16.9 – 17.542.9 – 45.8
XLXL17.5 – 17.945.8 – 48
XXLXXL17.9 – 18.548 – 50.9

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